Today: October 31, 2009

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Issue 8/2009

Embassy Life:
  Appeal for Europes Unity
  A Countrys National Holiday
  Long Live the King!
  8-1 Holiday
  Montenegros Many Friends
  Sri Lanka Coming Ever Closer
  Peru: a Traditional Holiday Going Back to Two Centuries
  One Ambassador Arrived, Two Ambassadors Left
  ASEAN Countries Gaining Strength and Celebrating Together
  Colombias Independence Day
  Ninety Years of Afghanistans Independence
  Jakarta and Moscow: Together for 64 Years
  Sixty-five Years of Diplomatic Relations between New Zealand and Russia
GlavUpDK News:
  We See to Comfort and Order in GlavUpDK-Managed Buildings
The Arts:
  Mikhail Pletnev: a National Treasure of Russia
  New Russian Pop Star
  Oh, Please Shut the Newspapers Eyes!
  Ministers Collecting Stamps
  What Is Written...
  Masterpieces from 14 Polish Museums
  Star Dolls Get Together in Moscow
  Everyday Life of Mount Athos
  A Place Where Everyone Feels Great
  POLAs Greenest Plant
Foot-Loose in Moscow:
  Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street
  A Beautiful and Useful Book about Russia
  A Sinologists Travel Notes About France
Things Russian:
  The Song of Russian Tiles
Travels with Diplomat:
  Planet Indonesia
Foreign Investments And Russian Regions:
  Investment, Globalization, Regionalization
  Regions move to the forefront
  The optimal time to invest into the regions
  New Vistas of Yugras International Cooperation
  Human Resources Are Our Key Investment Project

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