Today: October 31, 2009

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Issue 7/2009

  Amaze Me: Sergey Diaghilev and Russian Ballet Seasons
Embassy Life:
  To the Queen!
  Iceland Accepts Congratulations
  The United StatesIndependent 233 Years Now
  50 Years of Pepsi in Russia
  Reception in Honor of the Liberator
  Cordial Welcome and Farewell on Shchepkina Street
  Marc Franco and Rita Janssen: the Mainstays of European-Russian Cultural Exchanges
  In Honor of Pope Benedict XVI
  910 YearsGoing Way Back in Time
  President of the Philippines Visited Petrodvorets
  Moscows Longest-Serving Diplomat Gives a Reception
  Award from Grateful Russia
  One More Step Toward the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference
  Fresh Start of Soft Power Professionals
The Arts:
  Uzbek Evening at the Central House of Artists
  Shamail: Tatar Marvel
  Augsburg, City of the Arts
  ...The Labors of Sovereign Rule and War
  Alexander Deineka: Positiveness, Energy, Joie de Vivre
  Silver Age Sparks
  Photo Footage of the Thaw Period
  Posters: an Old but Formidable Weapon
  The Poet Alexander Pushkin and Peoples Diplomacy
  Find a Speck of Dust in Faraway Lands...
  The Treasures Have Come Back Home
  Yaroslavl Region: Russias Golden Ring
  Tourism: Montenegros Road to Success
  Nanotechnologies in Japanese POLA cosmetics
Introducing a New Ambassador:
  Ilkhom Tuichiyevich Nematov
Reading About Russia:
  Wow! Instead of Oh! Interjections and Politics
Diplomatic Property Abroad:
  A Real Improvement in Our Diplomats Working and Living Conditions Abroad
  New Approach to the Old Issue of Diplomatic Property
  The Embassy in Beijing: a Symbol of Russias Centuries-Old Presence
  Diplomats Perform Better in Good Conditions
  The Russian Flag Flies Proudly in Namibia
  Russias Embassy in Minsk: Improved Working Conditions and Leisure
  Russias Embassy in Brasilia Resembles the Kremlin
  New Look of the Russian Embassy in Singapore

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