Today: October 31, 2009

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Issue 6/2009

  Credentials Presented
Embassy Life:
  200th Anniversary of Russias Foreign Ministrys Consular Service
  Cyril and Methodius Illuminate the Slavs Way
  The Republic of Azerbaijan Day
  La Dolce Vita at Italys Embassy
  Portugals National Holiday Not Only for Portuguese
  Macedonian Evening on Olof Palme Street
  It Was Just a Short Time Ago...
  Congratulations on the Award, Grigory-san!
  RussiaEU: Common Research Space
  Armed Forces Unification Day Celebrated
  All Africans in Moscow Came to Celebrate with Cameroon
  This Award Is Dear to My Heart!
  21 Flowers on a Matryoshkas Kerchief
  Those Sweet-Smelling Hyacinths...
  Paraguay: Remote and Close
  From the Bottom of the Heart
  Jordans Double Holiday
  Europeans Promoting Russian Art
  The Meat Came Straight from the Pampas...
  Indonesia Dines and Wines Tourists
  Interfaith Dialog: Indonesias and Russias Experience
GlavUpDK News:
  Classical Style: the Height of Fashion Again
  Golf Tournament in Nakhabino: Sport-Charity Interaction
  Moscow Meets Friends
  The Dolls Had a Joyous Ball...
  Tajikistan Attracts Foreign Tourists
  POLAs Dao: the Success of a Japanese Cosmetics Company
Introducing a New Ambassador:
  Tomas Bertelman
  Jean de Gliniasty
  Barvikha: Myths and Realities
GlavUpDK's Mansions:
  Marvel on Spiridonovka
  The House Where France and Russia Meet
  Italian Oasis in Moscow
  The Turquoise House on Leontyevsky Pereulok
  Spaso House: Restoration on Schedule
Diplomacy and Architecture:
  Treasures to Be Studied and Preserved
  Pushkin Used to Come to This Mansion
  Working in a marvelous building

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