Today: October 31, 2009

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Issue 5/2009

Embassy Life:
  Bowing Low to Our Veterans
  Friendship from Generation to Generation
  Jerusalem Stone for New Jerusalem
  South Africa Free 15 Years
  Israel Receives Congratulations
  The Birthday of the Queen of Holland Is an Orange-Colored Festivity
  Uzbekistan Is Not Afraid of the Crisis
  The Polish Minister at Polands Embassy
  Based on Bolivarian Values
  Rakesh Sharma, Space Era Veteran
  Nepal Through the Eyes of Russian Photographers
The Arts:
  Flowers, how could one not love you without end? Id drink to you like to a close friend...
  The Universally Known Unknown on Display in Moscow
  Ivan the Terribles Helmet on Display in the Kremlin
  The Traditions Started by Kekkonen Still Prove Useful Today
  A Language of Diplomats and Simply Cultured People
  The Thracians and Scythians Have Always Been Friends
  Salud, Ecuador!
  Montenegro, My Love!
  About Russia Yet Again
  The Russian Century of Andrew Somers
  Kaluga Region on Yakimanka Street
  Foreign Investment in Lenins Native City
  POLA: Keeping the Skin Beautiful in the Summer
Introducing a New Ambassador:
  Omar Saif Ghobash
Reading About Russia:
  Looking for National Identity
Foot-Loose in Moscow:
  On the Banks of an Invisible River
Travels with Diplomat:
  Diplomat Was on the North Pole
Diplomacy And Media:
  Diplomacy and the Media: Russias Foreign Ministrys Priorities
  Information Concerns of the Russian Mission in Beijing
  Work with Media Is Among the Embassys Priorities
  The Voice of Russia: Educating Instead of Lecturing
  Diplomats and Journalists Strive for Mutual Understanding
  Understanding Russias Foreign Policy Is All But Easy
  The Flows of Information Need to Be Managed
  Moscow a Magnet for Foreign Correspondents
  Truth should not be seen as positive or negative

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