Today: October 31, 2009

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Issue 4/2009

  Credentials Presented
Diplomacy: The Succession of Generations:
  Diplomats Work: Anything But Easy Sometimes, But Always Exciting
  Foreign Ministry: School of Professionalism and Patriotism
  Diplomacy is a Creative Profession
  Feelign of Being Involved In History
  Im Proud to Belong to the Diplomats Guild
Embassy Life:
  Briefings by the Spokesman for Russias Foreign Ministry
  For Life without Violence
  May Pakistans People Prosper
  Faith Can Help Get Through Hard Times
  RussiaChile: Cordial Closeness and Mutual Cooperation
  Russian Journalists Awarded the Swedish Order of the Polar Star
  St. Patricks Day in Moscow
  Choir Members Need No Interpreters
  The 131st Anniversary of Bulgarias Independence
  Namibian Picturesque Scenery in Russian Photography
  Ghana Celebrating Its Anniversary
  A Bangladeshi Holiday
  Tunisia'a Warmth In Moscow
  Brunei Independent for a Quarter of a Century
  Russia - Myanmar: 61 Years of Frienshop And Cooperation
  Indonesia Waiting for Russian Vacationers
  The Ambassador Meets with Journalists
  Mauritius, a Flower on the Oceans Edge
  Egypt, Our Vacation Spot
  Sri Lanka Is Growing on the Russian Travel Map
  RussiaEthiopia: Over a Century Long Friendship
  Greece: its 188th Independence Day
  New Chairperson for the APWG
  Time-tested Friendship
The Arts:
  That Passionate Reporter Riboud
  All About Gogol
  Treasures Of The Great Moguls Displayes In Moscow
  Children Drawing Fairytales
  German Drawings in Six Centuries
  Birches Playing Bach
  The Russian Orthodox Liturgy In English
  Three Million Russian Tourists Have Chosen Turkey
Introducing a New Ambassador:
  Adilbek Dzhaksybekov
Reading About Russia:
  The End Of Troubled Times And Start Of Mobilization
  Music Inspires the Whole World
Pillars of Russian Literature:
  Gogol: Genius, Demon, Madman
Things Russian:
  Kuznetsovs Porcelain Empire

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