Today: October 31, 2009

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Issue 3/2009

Embassy Life:
  Eurasian Soiree at the EU Commissions Residence
  Three Decades of Irans Islamic Revolution
  Summing Up the International Polar Year
  I Would Like to Take Home Some Russian Snow...
  Our Friendship Goes Back Over 1000 Years
  Sri Lankas Warmth in February in Moscow
  Russian-Peruvian Relations Go Back 40 Years
  Two Holidays of the State of Kuwait
  Jaume Plensas Frozen Music
  Diplomats Downhill Skiing Cup
  Commemorating Fellow Diplomats
The Arts:
  The Splendor and Charm of Russian Interior Design
  Ancient Spirits Come to Life Again
  From the Ambassadors Private Collection
  The Days of Moldovan Wine in Moscow
  Harmony of Soul and Body
Introducing a New Ambassador:
  Mohammad Khalid Khattak
  Masquerade Ball on Prechistenka Street
  Noriko Endo and Her Useful Books
Things Russian:
  It All Began with Cap Visors
Moscow's Museums:
  A House Fostering Friendship with the Peoples of the Orient
Diplomacy, Women, Flowers:
  UNDP Increases Cooperation with Russia
  And lovely is the rose
  One Third of All Australian Ambassadors Are Women
  Say I Love You in the Language of Flowers...
  Russia is the Land of Flowers
  Diplomats Wife Gives up Her Career for Her Husbands and Her Countrys Sake
  The Life of an Ambassadors Spouse: it is a Sampaguita flower
  Americans and Russians Like the Same Flowers
  Ecuadorian Freedom Roses are Russians First Choice
  Great Britain-Russia: business is more important than flowers
  Holland Russia: Tulips Go Well With Sunflowers
  Flowers in Great Britain Are a Backdrop Rather than a Decoration
  Ambassador and His Wife: One plus One Is More Than Two
  When Love Is Not a Sin

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