Today: October 31, 2009

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Issue 2/2009

  Credentials Presented
  Expecting the Fourth Estate to Act More Responsibly
  The Russian Diplomatic Academys 75th Anniversary
Embassy Life:
  Ambassador Awaluddin Met With the Press
  Fifty Years of the Cuban Revolution
  Vietnamese-Russian Friendship: Yesterday, Today, Forever
  Laotian Military Got Congratulations
  Thai Army Festivity
  Indian Reception with a View of the Kremlin
  Exotic Pilipino Cuisine in Moscow
The Arts:
  Remembering Benazir Bhutto
  The Art of the Sublime Porte on Display in the Kremlin
  The Artist Who Illustrated the Book Yijng
  That Irrepressible Tonino Guerra
  Commemorating the Cantemirs
  Fiat Lux!
  Singing for Every Individual Guest
  Pushkin Sets out for Eritrea
  Church Diplomacy Is not Just a Matter of Inter-Church Relations
  The New Russian Iconography: from Peter the Great to 1917
  Turner in Moscow
  Ambassadors and Generals: We Serve Russia!
  Japanese Beauty in Moscow
Introducing a New Ambassador:
  Mahmoud-Reza Sajjadi
  How Chinese Write, What They Eat and the Gods They Believe In
Diplomacy And Tourism:
  Sri Lanka Waiting for More Russian Holidaymakers
  500,000 Tourists from Russia Come to Don Quixotes Country
  Indonesia Welcomes Russian Tourists
  Uglich Takes the Lead in Tourism
  Italy Has Half of the World Cultural Heritage
  Dubai: an Island of Comfort and Stability
  Welcome to Cyprus, Aphrodites Birthplace!
  Moscow Is Not So Far Away from Carthage
  Tourists Turn to the Consular Department for Help
  The Dominican Republic, a Caribbean Tourist Superpower
  Russian Tourists in Croatia
  More Russians Are Making the Philippines Their First Choice Destination
  Germany Attracts and Will Continue to Attract Tourists from Russia
  Come See The National Parks In Berarus
  The Land of the Pharaohs Remains One of the Leaders

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