Today: October 31, 2009

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Issue 1/2009

Embassy Life:
  International Day of Tolerance
  Baltic Jazz Energizes Muscovites
  Oman Welcomes Friends
  Lebanons Independence Day Celebrated in Moscow
  Solidarity with Palestine
  From the Bottom of the Heart Concert
  She Was Born in Tunisia in Her Previous Life
  Flowers of Friendship Blossomed in December
  Kazakhstan and Russia: Ties of Kinship
  The United Arab Emirates Celebrated its National Holiday
  Bahrains Warmth in Wintry Moscow
  Ambassador Hofers Farewell Reception
  Jamhuri Day in Moscow
  Anniversary of Romanias Independence
  Goodbye, Ambassador de Laboulaye!
  Everyone Had a Good Time
  Qatars National Holiday
  The Long Road to a Middle East Settlement
GlavUpDK News:
  Consular Reception in a 16th-Century Palace
The Arts:
  Sights of the Cradle of Civilizations
  An Angel Was Flying in the Heavens After Midnight...
  Mikhail Pletnevs Russian National Orchestra Recognized as One of the Worlds Best
  Treasures of Calligraphy
  The Painter Borovikovsky - His Full Stature
  Bringing Back Stage Set Sketches from Obscurity
  Treasures of Vanished People
  On the Picasso Route
  Renaissance Moscow in All Its Splendor
  Diplomacy and Science in Action at the ISTC
  IWC Winter Bazaar: Time to Give Presents and Help Thy Neighbor
Foot-Loose in Moscow:
  Rozhdestvenka Street
Russkiy Mir in the World:
  Winning Confidence
  Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrovs Speech at the 2nd Russkiy Mir Assembly in Moscow, November 3, 2008
  The Russian Diaspora Is a Successful and Educated Part of U.S. Society
  Come and Pray...
  Working Tirelessly for the Good of Russia
  Alexander Solzhenitsyn Awarded Romanian Order
  Shadows of Old Zamoskvorechye
  The Russia I Dream of
  ICRC Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
  Our Goal Is to Unite the Russian World
  New Years Reception for the Diplomatic Corps

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