Today: December 20, 2008

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Issue 12/2008

Embassy Life:
  Turkeys Anniversary
  Reception on Fucika Street
  Philippine MPs in Moscow
  Marc Franco and Rita Janssen Honored Jacques Brel and Alexander Vertinsky
  ...Plus Warm Turkmen Hospitality
  United Nations and Russia: 60 Years Together
  National Holiday Celebrated at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea
  Dutch Industrialists and Merchants in Moscow
  Algeria Celebrated Revolution Day
  33 Years of Independence
  Mexicos Warmth in November in Moscow
  The President of the General Assembly and Senate of Uruguay visits Moscow
  Anniversary of Polands Independence
GlavUpDK News:
  Beryozka Dance Ensemble Opens the New Season
The Arts:
  Treasures of the Samurai in the Kremlin
  A Green Oak by the Sea...
  Bombardier Pyotr Mikhailovs European Adventures
  Japanese Lace in Russia
  Russian Lace on Display in Japan
  Diplomacy in Philately
  Diwan and Diwaniya in Kuwait
  Children Deserve the Best Theater
  Moscow Welcomes the New European Theater Festival
  Slavic Embrace of Poets
  From the Volga to the Danube on Musical Waves
  Russian and Indian Customs Officials Teamed Up
  Russia: All Regions. Trade and Investment Guide
  Musical Soirees at the Blue Elephant Restaurant
Introducing a New Ambassador:
  Matti Anttonen
Reading About Russia:
  A Rift is in the Making
Diplomacy And Regions:
  VologdaSlovakia: Strive to Preserve Common Values
  The World Capital Moscow Is Working for Russia
  Yugra Is Actively Involved in Russias International Activities
  There Is a Long History of and Bright Future for a Swiss Presence in Russias Regions
  International Ties of Russian Regions Have Proved Effective
  It is the Regions That Matter
  Eu-Russia Cooperation Across Borders
  The Ties of Japan and Russia are Between the Regions
  Rich Perm Soil
  We are Interested in Every Russian Region

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