Today: December 20, 2008

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Issue 10/2008

  Credentials Presented
Embassy Life:
  Ukraines Ambassador: We Are Optimistic about the Future
  Country of One Thousand Islands is Celebrating...
  The Anniversary of Libyas September Revolution Observed in Moscow
  Reception to the Sound of Samba
  The High Price of Independence
  The Gold Reserve of Russian-U.S. Relations Should not Get Lost
  Slovakias Constitution Day
  Eternal Memory to Those Killed by Terrorists
  Que Viva el Mexico!
  Holiday for Cote dIvoire and Its Friends
  Moldova and Russia Have Been and Will Always Be Friends
  National Holiday, Tajik Way
  One Ambassador Bids Farewell to the Other Ambassador
  Bangladeshi Agricultural Delegation in Moscow
GlavUpDK News:
  Beijing Olympics Reverberated on the Volga River Banks
  The 15th Anniversary of Russias First Golf Course
The Arts:
  There Is an Island Named Ostrov...
  Master of Landscape Art
  New Cultural Season at the EU Ambassadors Residence
  The Vologda Region Made a Great Impression
  The Arab Dimension of Stroytransgaz Company
  International Bank of Development
  RussiaArab World: Confidence-Based Relations
Introducing a New Ambassador:
  H. E. Afif Safieh
  Smail Chergui
Reading About Russia:
  Will You Please Pay
  The East, the West and Russia through the Eyes of an Eyewitness
Diplomacy and Sport:
  Oh Sport, You Are Peace!
  From the History of the Russian Olympic Movement
  Sport Is Bloodless War
  Unparalleled Wins of UN Olympian Athletes
  My Heart Lives and Dies for Football
  International Rowing Regatta in Moscow
  Sports and Diplomacy: Happy Combination
  The Olympic Spirit in the Sick Body
  Golf is Diplomacy, Golf is Life
  People Had Better Fire in Shooting Galleries
  Russia Remains a Sports Superpower

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