Today: December 20, 2008

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Issue 9/2008

Embassy Life:
  The Experts at INSOR Plan Russias Modernization
  The Rich Palette of the North
  Morocco Observed Throne Day
  MoldovaRussia: Prospects for Cooperation
  Uzbek Reception Marked by Hospitality and Friendship
The Arts:
  Partnership of Civilizations Promoted
  Delicious Pictures of Kazari-Sushi
  Tashkent - Jerusalem
  Treasures of Slavic Orthodox Icon Painting
  Time to Gather the Stones Together...
  "Russia - Japan" Album en Route to Hokkaido
  "Loire Castles" on the Garden Ring in Moscow
  Privileges for Diplomats-Motorists
  Russia Has Many Well-Wishers
Introducing a New Ambassador:
  Ali Hassan Jaafar
Reading About Russia:
  Lost Illusions, New Realities
Foot-Loose in Moscow:
  Commemorating Those Fallen in the War
Travels with Diplomat:
  Kulikovo Field, Russias Great Origins
Diplomacy And Religion:
  Live Peacefully with All Men
  Russian Muslims Dont Want a Clash of Civilizations
  Russias Jewish Organizations are Activating the Dialog with Europe and the Rest of the World
  Russias Buddhists Take Russian Interests into Account
  Church Diplomats Are Diplomats All the Same
  The Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Beijing: 150 Years at the Service of the Church and Diplomacy
  Church Diplomacy Is not Just a Matter of Inter-Church Relations
  The Voice of Orthodox Americans
  Diplomacy Needs a Moral Foundation

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