Today: December 20, 2008

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Issue 6/2008

Embassy Life:
  Moscow Honors the Memory of President Heydar Aliyev
  What Slavs Sing About
  An Outstanding Turkmen Poet
  Farewell, Ambassador Dyomin!
  Priceless Eyewitness Accounts
  Eternal Glory to Heroes!
  Supporting Palestines People
  Fresh Cooperation Based on Earlier Solidarity
  Israels 60th Anniversary
  African Unity Day
  Russias Pacific Interests
  Poland Honors the Tradition of a Constitution
  Cameroon Celebrates its National Day
  The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghan in Moscow
GlavUpDK News:
  A Big Day for Diplomatic Doctors
  For the Sake of Sport and Charity
The Arts:
  The Columbus of Russian Fiction
  Ukrainian Folk Art
  Moscow Children Draw Chile
  Thought-provoking Cartoons
  A City That Never Sleeps
  The Eternal Beauty of Ancient Ornaments
  Who Are You, Signora Antea?
  Russian Verses Recited in Bulgarian
  May Night of Mikhail Pletnev
  The World Trade Center Marking Its 30th Birthday
Introducing a New Ambassador:
  Juan Antonio March
  Khemaies Jhinaoui
Travels with Diplomat:
  The Road to Mandalay. And Further on...
Kaluga Phenomenon:
  Kaluga Attracts Investment
  Samsung Electronics in Kaluga: From Investment to Innovation
  SZS, Pioneer of Investments in the Kaluga Region
  Stanislas de Laboulaye
  Lee Kyu Hyung
  Kaluga Phenomenon
  Kaluga, the Native Place of Regal Women
  Lemkon Company Chose Kaluga

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