Today: September 17, 2008

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Issue 5/2008

  Credentials presented
Embassy Life:
  The Golden Mask a Guest of Ambassador Franco
  Festival of Polish Culture
  The Sky Is Not the Limit for Korea
  Again About the Middle East
  Images of Russia
  Pushkin Stays in Britain Permanently
  Russia Is Coming Back to Palestine
  Evening in the Company of a Nobel Laureate
  Till We Meet Again, Ambassador!
  South Africas Freedom Day
GlavUpDK News:
  When Music Calls for Charity
  Welcome to Murmansk!
  America, One Story High: Following in the Footsteps of Ilf and Petrov
The Arts:
  They Drew Films
  Black-and-White Begins and Wins
   ...A Miracle Is Always Imperceptible...
  The Golden Fleece Returns
  In the Wake of an Ancient Epos
  Russias Young Talents
  For Whom the Bell Tolls
  Colombian Rhythms on the Arbat
  Brandenburg Region Awaits Investment
Introducing a New Ambassador:
  Victor G. Garcia III
Reading About Russia:
  Atlantic Waves Deep in Eurasia
The 130th Anniversary of Bulgaria's Liberation:
  The Balkan War of 1877-1878 in Russian Art
  The Cathedral of Fraternal Love
  Russias Role in the Creation of Bulgarias Statehood
  The White General Comes to the Balkans Again
  The Slavic and Orthodox Roots of the Large-scale Economic Cooperation Between Russia and Bulgaria
  Using the Synergy of Fraternal Feelings
  Sofia-Moscow Relations Are Important to Europe
  Belene NPP: Stepping into the Future
  Friendly Capitals of Friendly Countries
The Victory Day:
  Their Heroic Exploits Are Immortal
  Polar Convoys One After Another...

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