Today: September 17, 2008

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Issue 4/2008

Embassy Life:
  Womens Day at the UN Information Center
  130th Anniversary of Bulgarias Liberation
  90 Years of Independence
  Talk Show on Bolshaya Polyanka
  Mauritius Independent for 40 Years
  Triumph of the Orthodox Word
  Omani Provincial Life Brought Closer to Russians
  Observing Myanmars Armed Forces Day
  Greeks Celebrate Independence Day
  Pakistans National Holiday
GlavUpDK News:
  Saying Goodbye to Winter with the Terem Quartet
  Ladies Town in Downtown Moscow
  Medincenter has been Providing Medical Care for 60 Years
  Spring Holiday of Equestrian Competitions
The Arts:
  The Magical Taste of Wagashi
  East Meets West
  Denis Matsuev Discovers the Unknown Rachmaninoff
  Returned Treasure
  Devoted to the Wives of the Decembrists
  Crawl, Snail, Slowly Up the Fuji Slope...
  Yemen: Traditions and Present Day
  The Dominican Republic: a Country Open to the World
  Egypt Spearheading Russian Tourism
  Soire of Indonesian Culture
  Kidsave - a Charity Event Supporting Orphans
  Greece Attracts Russians Like a Magnet
  Syria Flings Open its Doors to Russian Tourists
Introducing a New Ambassador:
  Mohammed Saleh Ahmed Al-Helali
Reading About Russia:
  Russias Renovation, European Style
  Competition of Rising Stars
  Charity Auction for the Benefit of Children
Things Russian:
  The Russia of Dachas
Russian Language:
  Outside Russia the Russian Language Meets with Difficulties
Diplomacy And Business:
  Diplomacy Bolsters Russias Competitiveness
  Russo-British trade relations-from Ivan the Terrible to Putin
  Seoul and Moscow are walking on two legs-politics and business
  Riding the Wave of Eurasias Economic Integration
  Energy and Technology-the Mainstays of the Russo-German Strategic Partnership
  Building a Bridge of Trade and Economic Cooperation
  The Foreign Ministry is Working For Russias Upswing
  The Tomsk Region Attracts Businessmen
  Keen on Boosting Interaction

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