Today: September 17, 2008

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Issue 3/2008

Embassy Life:
  Holiday of the Iranian Revolution
  Music Marathon in its Tenth Year
  Reception During a Crisis
  Biography Continues
  Diplomats Who are Poets
  Commemorating Heroic Diplomats
  Lithuania Independent for 90 Years
  Russia-Myanmar: 60 Years of Friendship and Mutual Understanding
  Two Kuwaiti Milestones
  Bruneis National Holiday
GlavUpDK News:
  Winter Olympics at Nakhabino
  Servicemens Holiday at the Cultural Center
The Arts:
  The Bewitching World of Puppets
  Anna Pavlova, The Dying Swan that Conquered India
  Prince Dovmonts Sword
  Parisian Pleasures at the Tretyakov Gallery
  30 Years Later
  Russian Blades: From Traditional to the New Russian Style
  Serpukhov Treasures
  Im Not the Least Bit Interested...
  RussiaKuwait: Ever More Possibilities
  Latin America, Russias Neighbor
Introducing a New Ambassador:
  Nasser Haji Al-Muzayen
Reading About Russia:
  Will Medvedev Be More Liberal Than Putin?
  Big Brothers/Big Sisters: 15 Years in Russia
Foot-Loose in Moscow:
  Bolshaya Polyanka Street
Pillars of Russian Literature:
  The Main Lady of the Russian Parnassus
March, a Special Month:
  Sensuality Is My Main Theme
  Being an Ambassadors Wife Is Difficult, But Interesting and Useful
  Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
  Russian Civil Society on the Eve of Thaw
  A Ball in a Real Palace

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