Today: December 20, 2008

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Issue 1/2008

  V.V.Putin's performance
  Credentials Presented
  New Years Reception, Russian Style
Embassy Life:
  The National Holiday of the Sultanate of Oman
  Colombias New Art Displayed in Moscow
  The National Holiday of the Emirates
  The Cordiality of Romania's Reception
  Supporting Palestinian People
  Russias Foreign Ministry Congratulates the CSTO
  Reception in Honor of the Consuls
  The Consular Section of Austrias Embassy has Moved into a New Building
  Bahrains National Holiday
  Kazakhstans Day of Independence
  Ukrainian Diplomatic Corps Is 90 Years Old
  Japans Main Birthday
  The Malaysian Ambassadors Gastronomic Weapon
  They Say Jamhuri, That Means Independence
  Qatars National Holiday
GlavUpDK News:
  Besieged Embassies
  Park Place Anniversary
  Diplomat and Poet in One Person
The Arts:
  Another Kind of Chinese Porcelain
  Valenki, Mice, and the New Year...
  Industrial Park Vyazniki
Introducing a New Ambassador:
  Stanimir Vukicevic
Reading About Russia:
  Alexander Nevskys Diplomacy
  IWCs Winter Bazaar and Its Friends
Happy New Year!:
  Dear readers of the magazine Diplomat!
Slavs in the European Union:
  The Slav World: Eurasias Pivotal Area
  A Great Slavic Epic
  Yugra, the Northern Part of the Slav World
  Globalization Undermines the Idea of Slav Affinity
  Slovaks, Slavs and Europe
  Vologda-Preov: New Prospects
  The Politization of Slavdom is an Anachronism
  Slavs Occupy Their Rightful Place in the European Union
  The slavic dimension could play an important role in relations between the Eu and Russia
  Forum Promotes Better Understanding of Slavic Cultures

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