Today: March 08, 2007

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Issue 2/2007

  Credentials Presented
  Media Representatives Visiting the Foreign Minister
Embassy Life:
  Young People Like Classical Music
  Good Day, Maestro Doga!
  Romania and Russia: Nuclear Cooperation
  Good-bye, Mr. Ambassador, Hello, Mr. Minister!
  Germanys Double Responsibility
  Australian MPs in Moscow
GlavUpDK News:
  One More Extreme Hunting
  Good News for Motorists
The Arts:
  Whistler and Russia
  Hailing from the Past
  Alexander Ivanov Appearing to People
  Sovereigns Liked Dogs
  The Russian Orthodox Church: Gates and Chalices
  Introducing the Gao Brothers
  The Sculptors Own Space
  MAKS Will Continue Covering the Russian MFAs Property Abroad
Introducing a New Ambassador:
  Plamen Grozdanov
Reading About Russia:
  The Gains Made Should Be Preserved
Foot-Loose in Moscow:
  Maroseika Street
Pillars of Russian Literature:
  A Word About The Lay
Things Russian:
  "Water-Heating Urn for Making Tea"
Russia - Spain:
  Spain-Russia: Agreed Approach to Vital Issues
  Russia and Spain: Looking for a Pilot Cooperation Project
  Spain Is Close to My Heart
  Spanish Children Perform
Glory To The Fatherland!:
  Exhibition of Tin Soldiers
  For the Good and Glory of Russia

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