Today: March 09, 2007

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Issue 1/2007

Embassy Life:
  Maxims Are a Subtle Thing
  Russia-Mauritius: Traditions of Friendship
  Festive Occasion for Romanias Friends
  New Interesting Tradition Started
  Holiday for Lithuanias Military
  Emirates Celebrate an Anniversary
  National Day of the Sultanate
  Evening in Memory of a Top Secret General
  Between St.Nicholas Day and Xmas
  The 88th Anniversary of Latvias Independence
  Japans Main Holiday
  Visible Benefits of Kazakhstans Independence
  The National Holiday of the Kingdom
  Ship of Friendship in Slovenia
GlavUpDK News:
  When Feelings Dictate the Words...
  Consuls Evening Out
The Arts:
  Non/Fiction-8: the Literary Scene of France
  The World Stars Only Concert
  The Classics is Indian, but the Dancers are Russian
  Voice of the Andes in Moscow
  Beauty, the Indian Way
  The Fragile Beauty of Glass
  Blue Elephant Restaurant, Royal Thai Cuisine Moscow. A Year Later
  15 Years of CIS: Cooperation and Integration
Introducing a New Ambassador:
  Samuel Tito Armando
Reading About Russia:
  Ethics of National Capitalism
  The Winter Bazaar: a Time for Gifts and Good Causes
  Russian Jewelers Help the IWC
Foot-Loose in Moscow:
  Ilyinka: A Bank on the Left, Another on the Right
Not by Bread Alone:
  The Cathedral of Christ the Savior Rose from the Ashes
Happy New Year!:
  Dear Readers of the magazine Diplomat:
  Summing Up the Diplomatic Year
  Reflected North
Russia - Germany:
  The St. Petersburg Dialog: New Tasks, Concrete Goals
  BASF in Russia: in Earnest and for a Long Time
  Mutual Readiness to Consider the Partners Interests
  German Businesses Have Come to Kaluga
  Saint Sebastian Comes Back to Moscow
  Bavaria, a Reliable and Promising Partner of Russia
  Our Objective: Prosperous Russia
  From Hamburg with Love
  Gazenergobank: Innovations for Cooperation
People's Diplomacy:
  Cossack Diplomacy at Work
  Moscow Revives People's Diplomacy

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