Today: January 21, 2007

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Issue 12/2006

  Credentials Presented
Embassy Life:
  National Holiday of Cyprus
  Evening of Kazakhstans Friends
  Ambassador Jean Cadet Says Farewell to Moscow
  Anniversary of the November Revolution
  The 83rd Anniversary of the Turkish Republic
  Russia-Mauritius: Traditions of Friendship
  The 15th Anniversary of Turkmenistans Independence
  Croatias Foreign Minister in Moscow
  Reception Marked by Friendly Atmosphere
  Mutual Attraction of Neighboring Peoples
  Slovakia's Big Day
GlavUpDK News:
  When Feelings Dictate the Words...
  The Hermitage and Armory on the Same Evening
  Protocol: Science of Hospitality
  Young Diplomats of All Countries, Unite!
The Arts:
  Maxims Are a Subtle Thing
  German Awards Went to Russian Translators
  "Russia is More Than Just Moscow"
  Sergey Stepashin: Auditing Diplomacy in Action
  Nigeria Seeks Trade and Economic Ties
  Reliable Russian Insurance Is Also in Demand Abroad
Reading About Russia:
  Ethics of National Capitalism
Interaction Now:
  The Rostov Region: Development Trends
  The Portrait of an Ambassador
  Royal Gesture of Good Will
Not by Bread Alone:
Travels with Diplomat:
  Paradise Is Just South of the Clouds
Russia - China:
  China-Russia Cooperation: Added Impetus
  Tea, Maliandao Street, and the Tea Sage
  Moscow-Beijing: Cooperation Serving Mutual Interests
  Li Bos Verses Recited in Moscow
  Chinese Craftsmen's Jewelry in the Hermitage Museum
  Issues Should Be Addressed Jointly, Not Single-Handedly
  The Magazine Called China Pictorial
  They Were at the Helm of GlavUpDK
  Designing Together with Bazhenov and Kazakov
  Poly-style Is Moscows Style

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