Today: March 15, 2007

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Issue 6/2006

Embassy Life:
  Gratitude for Participation
  Adis, senor embajador!
  Canada and Russia Fighting HIV/AIDS
  Marvelous Music at Ambassadorial Residence
  South Africas Freedom Day
  Three Decades of Cooperation
  Europe Day in Moscow
  New Challenges of Old Conflicts
  Russian Scholar Decorated with Indian Order
GlavUpDK News:
  Diplomats Visit the Cradle of Russian Space Science
  Russias Submarine Forces Turn 100
  Learning About Russian Orthodox Easter
  Medincenter: the Calling Card of Russian Medicine
  The Days of Moscow's Historical and Cultural Heritage
The Arts:
  Treasures Returned to Russia
  Reviving the Past
  The Beauty of Old Tapestries
  Masterpieces from the Banks of the Seine
  Kimchi Festival at MGIMO
  Stone Masterpieces of Zimbabwe
  Flowers, Birds, and Beautiful Girls
  Salman Rushdies Books Translated into Russian
  Expotech-Tour Agency Identifies Areas of Cooperation
  Insurance Guarantees Stable Work on Projects Connected with Russias Interests Abroad
  China: Prospects for Tourism
Introducing a New Ambassador:
  Noureddine Sefiani
Reading About Russia:
  Chinese Alternative to Russian Energy Exports
Interaction Now:
  Striving Together for Our Common Prosperity
  Honor of the Nation to Diplomat Magazine
Moscow's Museums:
  Museum of Russias Military Glory
  The Middle East is a Priority for the United Nations
SCO Anniversary:
  SCO, the Worlds Largest Regional Organization
  Taking the Best from Each Other
  New Successes and New Heights
  SCOs First Five Years
  China, Main Partner of the Russian Far East Among SCO Countries
  Huaming Park: Moscows Most Rapidly Done Project
  First Steps of SCOs Business Council

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