Today: April 22, 2008

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Diplomat Today

Dear readers,
Diplomacy and trade, or business, to use the modern-day term, have always been the basic forms of communication between countries. They can exist by themselves or also with other forms of communication, such as culture and science, ideology and religion, travel and tourism. And yet, diplomacy and business nowadays are at the core of the normal interaction of countries and peoples, whereas wars, international terrorism, smuggling, and drug trafficking are outside it.

Now that ideology is no longer a priority of Moscows foreign policy, supporting trade and economic ties has moved to the forefront in the work of Russias Foreign Ministry. Bilateral trade relations and Russian trade representative offices abroad are now within the competence of the Ministry for Economic Development and Trade Ministry, or MERT. As for the strategic interaction with the intricate system of world financial, commercial, and investment organizations, it has remained the job of the Foreign Ministry. In this issue, leading specialists on Smolenskaya Square tell Diplomats readers about this kind of interaction. The heads of trade and economic divisions of the embassies of the countries that are Russias key partners also share their information, assessments and forecasts regarding the state of business ties with this country. True, the diplomacy-business interaction is a practically inexhaustible subject to which we will return time and again.

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There have been two functions at the Embassy of Chile in Moscow devoted to the development of the cultural ties of the two countries. The artist and photographer Sergey Shiyan displayed a series of beautiful photos taken in Chile. He has traveled all over the world, but Chile captivated him. I have never seen such fantastic landscapes, he admitted...

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