Today: March 13, 2007

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BASF in Russia: in Earnest and for a Long Time
Column: Russia - Germany

BASF is a leader in the world chemical industry with more than 100 production facilities on different continents. The company sells its products to customers in 170 countries and is proud of its long-standing ties with Russia.

In this country the company has been known since 1874 when the first textile dye factory was set up. Since then, the scope of BASFs cooperation with Russia has grown dramatically. The company sells its whole range of products on the Russian market: sprays for crops, plastics, fine chemical products, special and basic chemicals, lacquers, colors, industrial coatings, polyurethane systems, functional polymers, and many others.

Wingas, a joint venture involving Wintershall AG (a daughter company of the BASF Group) and OAO Gazprom, has been in existence since 1993. In 2000, the joint venture OOO Elastokam was created. It is equally owned by Elastogran GmbH (a daughter company of the BASF Group) and OAO Nizhnekamskneftechim. A technical service center producing industrial Pevicoat lacquers has been operating in Lipetsk since 2002. A plant that will manufacture lacquers and colors for a car assembly line is being built in the Moscow Region. After the strategic agreement on the joint construction of a gas pipeline through the Baltic Sea (the North Stream project) that was signed by BASF AG, OAO Gazprom and E.ON AG in 2005, the company can justifiably be called the flagship of Russian-German economic relations.

The last few years have been marked by the successes of BASF both globally and in Russia and the CIS, so the company intends to make its presence in the Russian market even greater. This was discussed at a meeting of the vice chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF AG Eggert Voscherau with President Vladimir Putin in August 2006. In the course of the meeting, the sides agreed that the companys intention to increase its presence in Russia would also be discussed during the forthcoming top-level Russian-German talks.

The ties established with customers, novel and high-quality products as well as its firm desire to stay in Russia in earnest and for a long time-all this indicates that BASF will remain a symbol of the close economic cooperation of the Russian Federation and Germany, its closest partner in the European Union.


-, 2006