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Main | Archive | Issue 8/2006

Rotarians Help Russian Children
Column: Charity

On the evening of June 7, diplomacy, charity and art came together at French Ambassador Jean Cadets residence. The Rotary Club Moscow International (President: Guy Marchand) availed itself of the hospitality of the Ambassador and Mrs. Marie Elizabeth Cadet to hold a charity concert. Its participants, or heroes, to put it more precisely, were budding young musicians, the winners of the International Childrens Music Competition that the Club has organized for the fifth consecutive time now. The Clubs permanent President, Josef Marous, who was among the first to start patronizing gifted children from Moscow and other Russian cities, introduced the concerts participants. This time children from Krasnoyarsk, Bratsk, Moscow, and Leninakan displayed their skill. Despite their young age (between 7 and 10 years old), the children can already look back on their participation in music contests and tours abroad. Just two days before their Moscow concert, they had performed in Italy for the members of a Rotary Club. Before that they had visited Rotarians in other European countries. Owing to the initiative of the Rotary Club Moscow International, the world will very soon learn their names: Anna Denisova and Sergey Belyavsky (piano), Narek Arutyunyan and Mikhail Mering (clarinet), Anna Savkina and Rimma Benyumova (violin).

The senior officials of the Rotary Club Elysee of Athens (President: Daniel Counio) got involved in the charity concert. The funds raised by the sponsors and participants in the auction will not only be transferred to the Blokhin Oncology Institutes childrens department but also to an educational program for the orphans in Lesotho.


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