Today: September 15, 2008

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2008 год

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Secrets of the Andes Textiles
Column: The Arts

A one-person exhibition of the Bolivian artist Cecilia Wilde was held at the Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery in Moscow. The Embassy of Bolivia helped organize the exhibition of works by this artist who represents the youth avant-garde of Bolivian modern art. The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of other Latin American countries. It became an event for celebration for all of them.

The Andes textiles serve as a source of inspiration for Cecilia Wilde. The ornaments and patterns that were used by the ancient people of the Andes prior to the era of Columbus reflected their ideas about the origin and nature of the Universe, the Sun, the Moon, stars, the phenomena of Nature, and the origin of man and the nether world. Cecilia Wilde freely handles various materials and creates bright pictures combining ancient traditions with the methods and techniques of modern avant-garde.

Opening the exhibition, the Ambassador of Bolivia, Sergio Sanchez Ballivian, said that culture brings peoples closer together and helps them better understand one another.

Копирайт-блок, 2006