Today: September 15, 2008

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Main | Archive | Issue 7/2008

Saying Goodbye to Cubas Ambassador
Column: Embassy Life

In the five years that Jorge Marti Martinez, the ambassador of Cuba, has worked in Moscow, he has made many friends. On June 11, they got together for a farewell dinner that Umberto Umeres Alvarez, the ambassador of Peru, gave at his residence. Our dear friend and colleague has done a lot to develop the relations with Russia of not only his own country but the whole of Latin America as well, the Peruvian ambassador said. In the many years of working in the Soviet Union and the new Russia, Jorge has got to know the country, its people and its specific features very well. It was always good to work together with him.

For me, Russia is not just another place of work. It is the country where I to a large extent became who I am personally, professionally, and as a diplomat. My wife and I derived much pleasure from working here the last five years. It was both enjoyable and useful for Cuba. I appreciate the support and friendship extended to me by the officials at Russias Foreign Ministry, my fellow ambassadors of Latin American countries and the entire Diplomatic Corps of the Russian capital, Ambassador Jorge Marti Martinez said.

The departing Ambassador was given a gift, the Semistrelnaya icon of Our Lady made of amber chips.

All the ambassadors of Latin American countries, the Ambassador of Spain, and the staff of the Russian Foreign Ministrys Latin American Department headed by A.K. Dogadin came to bid farewell to the Ambassador.

Yury Tavrovsky.
Photos by Alexander Bibik.

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