Today: September 15, 2008

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A Colorful Event at the Philippine Embassy
Column: Embassy Life

The independence of the Philippines was proclaimed 110 years ago, in June 1898. To celebrate the National Holiday, the Ambassador of the Philippines and Mrs. Victor Garcia III gave a reception at the ambassadorial residence on June 10.

The protocol event turned out to be official, colorful, and memorable at a time.

Ambassador Victor Garcia III said the 110th anniversary of independence was a holiday of the entire Philippine nation. He highly assessed the state of relations with Russia and proposed a toast in Russian, Za vas, za nas! (To you and to us!). Then Deputy Foreign Minister A.N. Borodavkin spoke. He congratulated all the Philippine people in the person of the head of that countrys diplomatic mission on the important anniversary and agreed with the assessment of Philippine-Russian relations given by the ambassador of the Philippines. The constant expansion of the political, economic and cultural ties of the two countries serves the interests of peace and stability in the whole Asia Pacific region, the Russian diplomat emphasized.

Ambassadors of a number of countries, A.A. Tatarinov, the director of the Asia Pacific Department, Russian public figures, entrepreneurs, and former ambassadors of the Soviet Union and Russia to the Philippines were among the guests. Everybody found the national dances, traditional dishes and exhibition of works by Moscow photographers-divers taken in the seas surrounding the Philippines, a country of 1107 islands, very interesting.

Yury Tavrovsky.
Photos by Alexander Bibik.


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