Today: September 15, 2008

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Finnish Extravaganza in Moscow
Column: Business

There was an outdoor festival, Finlandia Midnight Sun 2008, at the All-Russia Exhibition Center (VVTs). The maker of the premium brand of vodka, Finlandia, supported by the Embassy of Finland, has held the traditional Finnish summer solstice festival for five years in a row now in Russia. The bonfires, national games, dances, and songs were all just like the merrymaking that has accompanied the main event of the Nordic summer in Scandinavia from time immemorial. Many of the guests did the folk ritual of deer initiation, took part in drawing prizes from the Finnish clothing manufacturer Finn Flare, played a fishing game at play stations, and, of course, sampled original vodka cocktails made by members of the Barmens Association of Russia. Finnish pop groups performed in a concert that was part of the festival. People from all over Russia came to it. Four of them became the lucky winners of the main contest - anyone who managed to split an ice cube and get a big salmon out of it won a trip to Lapland. There the sun doesnt set all the summer and they will be able to watch it 24 hours a day.

Elvira Ulanova.

-, 2006