Today: September 15, 2008

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The Visit Was a Success
Column: Embassy Life

Colombias vice president, Francisco Santos Calderon, held a news conference at the Embassy of Colombia. It was devoted to the results of his visit to Moscow. According to Mr. Calderon, the visit was successful and contributed to addressing several issues, such as the arrangements for the forthcoming visit of Colombias president to Russia, participation in a trade fair, working together more with Russian travel companies, and finally, strengthening the Embassys commercial department, which will have a lot more work to do in the near future. The vice president answered journalists questions about the purchase of arms in Russia, about the cooperation of the two countries in fighting terrorism and drug trafficking, as well as about Colombian-Russian cultural ties. Colombia highly values Russias invariable support on the international arena of its efforts to fight terrorism and drug trafficking. As far as culture is concerned, the two countries intend to sign a memorandum on developing cultural contacts. Colombia is planning to increase the number of students from it studying at the Russian Peoples Friendship University whose president was recently decorated with a Colombian order. In addition, an accord on cooperation between the National Radio Broadcasting Corporation of Colombia and the Voice of Russia radio broadcasting company was signed. Diego Jose Tobon Echeverri, the ambassador of Colombia to Russia, took part in the news conference.

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