Today: September 15, 2008

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Main | Archive | Issue 7/2008

The Poet of Poets Rudaki Turns 1150
Column: Diplomacy And Culture

On June 4, a host of festive events were devoted to the anniversary of Abu Abdullah Rudaki, the founder of Tajik-Persian classical literature. A scientific conference commemorating the date was held at the Central House of Writers. It was organized by the Embassy of Tajikistan, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN) based in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the International Community of Writers Unions and the Union of Russias Writers.

Then, a festive evening, among the organizers of which was also the All-Russia public organization Union of Tajiks in Russia, took place. Addressing the ambassadors of CIS countries, Tajikistans Ambassador A.S. Dostiyev informed the audience that the 1150th anniversary of the great poet Rudaki is celebrated worldwide under a UNESCO decision and that the Government of Tajikistan proclaimed the anniversary year as a Year of the Tajik Language when special emphasis will be laid on literature and culture. Centuries have passed, a millennium since Rudakis birthday has long gone by, but his poetry lives on and all he has said does not get outdated. The poet not only called us for getting familiar with wisdom and learning the truth, but to also enjoy life and not to avoid joy and merriment whenever the soul craves for it.

The three-hour concert of Tajik performing artists and young Moscow performers, students of art higher schools, unfolded an impressive panorama of the wealth of Tajik culture. Actors recited verses by Rudaki, the poet of poets, and gracious female dancers and folk instrument players demonstrated their skill dating from the times when the poet of poets lived.

The reception given at the Old Gypsy Van restaurant demonstrated the riches of Tajik soil and the splendor of national cuisine. The Ambassador of Tajikistan and his fellow ambassadors of the Diplomatic Corps, Russian writers, servicemen, scholars, as well as noted members of the Tajik community proposed very inventive toasts. Along with the admiration for the great poet Rudaki, the nostalgia for the Soviet Union, the relations of friendship and mutual assistance of different Soviet peoples marked the atmosphere of the festive meal.

Yury Tavrovsky.
Photos by Alexander Bibik.


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