Today: September 15, 2008

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SZS, Pioneer of Investments in the Kaluga Region
Column: Kaluga Phenomenon

The furniture company SpetsZhilStroi K was among the first companies in Russia to introduce the full cycle of furniture manufacturing according to European technologies and standards. Initial investments were made in the Kaluga Region in 1998. 2,000 pieces of furniture were put out by the Balabanovo plant as early as 1999. The enterprise kept developing each year. Today, 9,000 pieces of furniture are made every month. The products bearing the SZS trade mark are not only sold all over Russia but other CIS countries as well.

There are 124 models of SZS furniture to choose from.

Today, our partners are both large shopping centers and DIY structures. We are experienced in supplying furniture sets to both major corporate clients and regional construction projects.

Our company is open for mutually advantageous long-term cooperation with you!

Tel. : +(495)-921-4070
E-mail: [email protected]
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