Today: September 15, 2008

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Supporting Palestines People
Column: Embassy Life

The Embassy of the State of Palestine and the Arab League mission in Russia held an evening at the Central House of Artists (TsDKh). The event was devoted to the 60th anniversary of Nakba. This word meaning tragedy, catastrophe, disaster is how Palestinians call the events in 1948 when the armed forces of the just recently founded State of Israel annihilated the military, political, social and economic components of Palestinian society.

The Grand Concert Hall of TsDKh was packed. Historical photographs were displayed in the lobby. 1948 film documentaries revealing the origins of Nakba were shown the audience before the beginning of the event. Guima Ibrahim Alferjani, the head of the Arab League mission in the RF, Sheikh Marat-Khazrat Murtazin, vice chairman of the Muftis Council of Russia and president of the Islamic University, Mark, the bishop of Yegoryevsk and vice chairman of the External Church Relations Department of the Moscow Patriarchate, Vyacheslav Matuzov, the chairman of the Russian-Palestinian Friendship Society, and Fayed Mustafa, charge daffaires a.i., of the State of Palestine in Russia, addressed the gathering. They spoke about the need for the national aspirations of the Palestinians to be fulfilled, and, first and foremost, about the establishment of a sovereign, independent and territorially integral Palestinian state, as well as about a comprehensive and just Middle East settlement.

Oleg Torchinsky.
Photos by Alexey Reshetun-Belikov.


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