Today: September 15, 2008

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Main | Archive | Issue 6/2008

Farewell, Ambassador Dyomin!
Column: Embassy Life

The Ambassador of Ukraine Oleg A. Dyomin and his spouse Tatyana have perhaps been the Diplomatic Corps most good looking and popular couple over the two years of their stay in Moscow. And now came the inevitable moment in any diplomats career - parting with the host country. On May 19, a farewell reception was held at the GlavUpDK Cultural Center. More than the usual number of heads of diplomatic missions, Russian government officials and public figures, entrepreneurs, clergymen, literary and artistic figures came to bid farewell, say parting words, and give gifts.

A.I. Denisov, first deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, said in his remarks that disputes over particular issues may come up in the relations between the two friendly neighboring countries. Thanks to Ambassador Dyomin, however, it was possible to always maintain working and friendly relations between the Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministries. While accomplishing any ambassadors main mission, namely, to defend the interests of his state, he always succeeded in achieving a reasonable compromise. On behalf of S.V. Lavrov and the whole senior management of the Foreign Ministry of Russia, A.I. Denisov wished Ambassador Dyomin Good luck and hope to see you again!

Reciprocating the good wishes, O.A. Dyomin said it was hard to achieve historic accomplishments in a matter of two years. Along with the Embassy staff, we have tried not to worsen but to improve Ukrainian-Russian relations, not to lose what has been created over the centuries and what is in Ukrainians and Russians at the genetic level. While positively assessing the development of bilateral economic cooperation and cultural exchanges, Ambassador O.A. Dyomin emphasized that there are still many untrodden roads that remain to be gone down.

Bidding farewell to the Dyomins, there are tears in our eyes, said a celebrated singer, Iosif Kobzon, deputy of the State Duma, in his short address.

Kh.A. Agakhanov, head of the diplomatic mission of Turkmenistan, handed the Ukrainian Ambassador a commemorative address on behalf of the group of ambassadors of the CIS countries.

S.N. Lebedev, executive secretary of the CIS, I.I. Sergeyev, director general of GlavUpDK, and other diplomatic figures said kind parting words.

Yury Tavrovsky.
Photos by Alexander Bibik.

-, 2006