Today: September 15, 2008

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An Outstanding Turkmen Poet
Column: Embassy Life

A gala evening devoted to the 275th anniversary of the birth of the world famous Turkmen poet Mahtumkuli Fragi (1738 1798) was held at the Central Writers House in Moscow, along with a presentation of a new edition of his works in the Russian language. The gathering was organized by the Embassy of Turkmenistan, the International Community of writers unions, the Russian Writers Union, the Moscow Society of Turkmen culture, and the Writers Club of the Central Writers House. Opening the evening, the Ambassador of Turkmenistan Khalnazar Agakhanov said: The situation in a country is determined by the heart beat of a poet expressing its peoples aspirations. Mahtumkuli wrote in a difficult period in our history, but he believed in the bright future of his people. His dreams have come true in the present sovereign, free and flourishing Turkmenistan.

Speeches were made by Russian, Turkmen, Kazakh and Armenian writers and poets, Mahtumkulis verses were read, and songs composed to his words were sung.

The evening wound up in the cafe Old Nomad Tent, a favorite meeting place of Moscow writers and poets, at tables laden with Oriental dishes. Each guest received a volume of verses by the great poet translated into Russian by our Arseny Tarkovsky, Georgy Shengeli, Alexander Revich, and other Russian poets. The book was published by the Moscow Society of Turkmen culture, jointly with the magazine Turkmenistan, and with the financial support of the company TNK-BP.

Oleg Torchinsky.
Photo by Alexander Bibik.


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