Today: September 15, 2008

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Main | Archive | Issue 6/2008

The Eternal Beauty of Ancient Ornaments
Column: The Arts

An exhibition of works by the Moscow artist Vladimir Pronin was held at the Embassy of Kazakhstan. His paintings, which he himself calls ornamental neosymbolism, are a combination of the style of large decorative panels and lacquer miniatures. They are a result of his studies at the Textile Academy and then at the Fedoskino School of miniature painting. Vladimir Pronin is an expert on ornamental art, its logic and principles. His paintings are collages of symbols and ornaments of different eras and peoples with their images and ideas. The series of new paintings on display at the Embassy of Kazakhstan are inspired by the beauty and richness of Kazakh ornaments which have come down to us unchanged from ancient times.

Oleg Torchinsky.
Photo by Alexander Bibik.


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