Today: September 15, 2008

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Thought-provoking Cartoons
Column: The Arts

On April 26, an evening to celebrate World Press Freedom Day, which is observed annually on the initiative of the United Nations, was held at the UN Information Center. For the second consecutive year, the Center has celebrated the day by focusing on the genre of political cartoons. The UN has become markedly more interested in them in the context of the efforts to promote tolerance and mutual understanding between different peoples. A.S. Gorelik, the director of the UN Information Center (UNIC), opened the exhibition of cartoons done by Sergey Tyunin for the Russian Newsweek magazine. The cartoonists original works and their reprints can be found in periodicals around the world.

A.S. Gorelik pointed out: A cartoonist not only causes the viewer to smile but sets him to thinking as well. His drawings show in their own way what the cost of war, hatred and narrow-mindedness really is, thereby giving to understand the benefit of peace, compromise and being broadminded. One cannot but acknowledge the role cartoons play in upholding the equality of all the people and teaching tolerance and love for ones neighbors.

Telling the guests about his works, S. Tyunin drew their attention to the paradoxical fate of cartoons in this country: In the former SU there was not a single newspaper without cartoons, but with todays freedom of the media this genre has become far less popular for some reason.

Tatyana Sokolova, student at RUDN (Russian Peoples Friendship University).


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