Today: September 15, 2008

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Moscow Children Draw Chile
Column: The Arts

The art studio Obshchiy Gorizont (Overall Horizons) at the Moscow Lyceum No. 1548, which is directed by the artists Margarita Vasilyeva and Omar Godinez, regularly holds exhibitions of students works devoted to different Latin American countries. Embassies provide the studio with materials, such as video clips and films, magazines, guides, and reproductions of artworks that help the young artists get a visual idea of the country. The students then convey that idea in their pictures. This years exhibition was devoted to Chile. Eighth- and 11th-grade students presented their works. The opening ceremony was accompanied by Chilean songs and verses. The winners were conferred awards. Chiles Ambassador Augusto Parra Munoz cordially thanked those who had participated in the exhibition for their excellent work, which has brought Chile and Russia closer together.

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