Today: December 25, 2008

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First Deputy Mayor Headed Up Russia-Germany Society
Column: Under The Sign Of Mercury

Yury V. Roslyak was elected president of the Russia-Germany Society. This decision was made at an enlarged meeting of the board of this international public association on January 17. The Society has been for more than 35 years an existence now. Formerly, it was called USSR-FRG Society. Its members are citizens of Russia, Germany and other countries.

Yury Roslyak was born in Moscow in 1954, he is a civil engineer by profession. Since 1986, he has been working in the executive branch. Today, he is First Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the Moscow Government and head of the citys economic policies and development department. He is also co-chairman of the joint Moscow-Bavaria commission. Besides, he was a member of the Russia-Germany Society presidium for several years.

The Society board comprises people who are well familiar with Germany and versed in its history, language, and culture: Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary V.M. Falin, V.P. Terekhov, A.I. Stepanov, P.F. Lyadov, Academician N.P. Shmelyov, Director of the Europe Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, pilot-cosmonaut A.Yu. Kaleri, Hero of the Russian Federation, who flew with two German astronauts, A..A.. Urban, a journalist specialized in international issues, who was a TASS correspondent in Bonn for several years), and others.

Academician Yu..A. Osipyan, the former head of the Russia-Germany Society, became its honorary President.

Relying on the powerful intellectual capacity of its members, the Russia-Germany Society tangibly contributed to creating an atmosphere of benevolence, mutual understanding, and tolerance. It is this atmosphere that helped set up representative offices of German companies, firms, foundations, etc. in Russia.

At the inauguration ceremony held at the Berlin House in Moscow, Yu.V. Roslyak thanked for the confidence put in him and emphasized that the history of Russian-German relations dates back to many centuries. There were also remarkable chapters of history that shaped the climate of ties between Russians and Germans. We have enough forces, desire and potentialities to build, relying on these established traditions, a new house of good relations among the peoples of Germany and the multi-ethnic Russian Federation. Many members of our Society were and remain involved in forging such a positive climate. We will keep up continuity in developing this process, Yu.V. Roslyak noted.

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