Today: December 25, 2008

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Foreign Trade Chambers Charity
Column: Under The Sign Of Mercury

Good deeds give us some of our happiest moments in life. This holds true not only for family members helping each other, but also for the public and businesses. That was demonstrated yet again by a Christmas charity event held in November and December 2007 that member companies of the Russian-German Chamber of Foreign Trade, or RG CFT took part in. Children were given candy, books, and toys, such as real Mercedes cars. Among the gifts were also household appliances, a TV set, basic necessities and medications. Moreover, money was made available for repairing the building at one of the orphanages sponsored. We enjoyed being with the kids whom we call ours. It gladdened our heart to see the sparkle in the kids eyes in response to our care and support.

Since the year 2000, the German Economic Union in Russia, now the Russian-German Chamber of Foreign Trade, has sponsored three orphanages in the city of Kolomna: a home for children with defects of the central nervous system from birth causing them to be mentally ill; the municipal center for children without parental care, and a special (correctional) kindergarten for children with impaired hearing. With our member firms money, we have been able to purchase radio equipment for two classrooms and five sets of sound amplifiers for the kindergarten for children with impaired hearing. Using this expensive equipment, the children can learn to hear and master speech. Then they do not feel disabled and handicapped in society, but communicate as equals with other people.

In 2006, we held an event entitled New Windows for gravely ill children. Such companies as REHAU OOO, Deceuninck RUS OOO, and VEKA Rus OOO took part. 24 windows were replaced in the ward for bedridden patients making the temperature in the rooms quite comfortable. In 2004 and 2006, the Union took upon itself to fund the heart surgery and replacement of a cardiac valve for Anya Shubina who can now lead an entirely normal life. We also maintain warm ties with the center for children without parental care. We started a kind of tradition of visiting that orphanage. For instance, the members of the Culture Committee and juniors of RG CFT drop by and see the kids, trying through direct contact to familiarize them with the surrounding world.

Certainly, these are by far not all the good deeds or companies involved in such activities. And still, the list of needs and aspirations of the orphanages we sponsor remains incomparably far larger. So, get out and do good! All those who are not indifferent to the fate of our children are invited to take part in the charity programs of the Russian-German Chamber of Foreign Trade.

We want to once again express our gratitude to the following companies for their responsiveness: Buderus Heiztechnik GmbH, cph Industries OOO, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co..KG, maraTEC.International GmbH, Revival Express OOO, HiPP GmbH & Co. Vertrieb KG, Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG, Zentis Russland OOO, BASF AG, Schaeffler Russland GmbH, KMB Bank ZAO, Bayer AG, Building Systems Ltd., Jungheinrich Lift Truck GmbH, Bank WestLB Vostok ZAO, Siemens AG, Beiten Burkhardt Rechtsanwälte Repräsentanz, GRUNDIG Intermedia GmbH, BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, Dresdner Bank AG, Schokolad & Dekor OOO, ASR Avtomobil - Svesda Rusi, Continental Tires RUS OOO, DaimlerChrysler Automotive Russia SAO, Cedima GmbH, Partner Logistics OOO, C.Spaarmann GmbH, Commerzbank (Eurasia) SAO.

Yelena Piskovitinova.
Russian-German Chamber of Foreign Trade.


-, 2006