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Main | Archive | Issue 8/2007

The Anniversary of Colombias Independence
Column: Embassy Life

On July 20, the Embassy of the Republic of Colombia gave a reception to celebrate a national holiday, Independence Day (1810). At the beginning of the ceremony a state flag was raised in the Embassys courtyard and Ambassador Diego J. Tobon E. gave a short speech. He said: We believe in a multi-polar world and think that it is only possible if all rights and freedoms are observed. Following the ambassadors speech there was a minute of silence as a sign of solidarity with the victims of terrorism, kidnappings and crimes against humanity in Colombia and in memory of the 11 deputies of the assembly of the Valle del Cauca department who were killed by leftist terrorists after 5 years in captivity.

Belief in the bright future of their country was evident in the folk songs and dances performed by groups of children and students. The reception was attended by ambassadors from Latin American, European and Asian countries as well as by Colombian citizens and Colombian students living in Russia and Moscow businessmen, artists and actors. Russian diplomacy was represented by Ya.A. Burlyaj and I.I. Ezhov, deputy directors of the Latin America Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Tatyana Sokolova, student at the Peoples Friendship University of Russia.

-, 2006