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Main | Archive | Issue 8/2007

Reykjavik and Moscow-Sister Cities
Column: Embassy Life

Moscow was visited by an official delegation from its Icelandic sister city- Reykjavik. The delegation was headed by its mayor, Vilhjalmur Vilhjalmsson. There was a reception in honor of this visit at the embassy of Iceland. Addressing the guests, the mayor of Icelands capital expressed satisfaction with his meetings with his Moscow colleague, Yuri Luzhkov, and with the documents on cooperation and exchange of experience in economic, social and cultural spheres that were signed during the meeting. He also stated that the Moscow Patriarchys parish in Reykjavik will be allocated some land for the construction of an Orthodox church, the Church of St. Nicholas.

Following a concert of classical music, V. Vilhjalmsson and the chairwoman of Reykjaviks city council Hanna Birna Kristjansdottir gave mementos to the Ambassador of Iceland, Benedikt Ausgeirsson, and the embassys staff for exemplary organization of the delegations visit to Moscow. The reception ended with a supper at which traditional Icelandic cuisine was served.


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