Today: October 31, 2009

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2009 год

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    Founded by the Main Production and Commercial Administration for Service to the Diplomatic Corps, or GlavUpDK, under Russia's Foreign Ministry, the magazine Diplomat is this country's only monthly featuring parallel Russian and English texts. 10,000 copies of it are printed and then sent to 180 Moscow foreign embassies and representative offices of international organizations, 280 foreign media bureaus, 4,000 offices of domestic and foreign companies as well as to the President's Administration, the Cabinet, both houses of the Federal Assembly and the heads of regional administrations of the RF. The monthly is delivered by diplomatic pouch to Russia's embassies, consulates, and trade missions in 140 countries around the world. The magazine is distributed during visits of the head of the Russian State abroad as well as at major international events in Russia as a presentation issue.

Копирайт-блок, 2006